Turn Rocks Into Nutrient-Rich Soil

We provide rock crushing services in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas

Rocky terrain makes it hard to get the most out of your land. That's why at TZB Land Services, LLC in Austin, TX, we offer rock crushing and milling services. You can have our team remove hazardous rocks to make your property more functional.

We use a specialized piece of equipment to break down rocks and till them back into the soil. This means you won't need to worry about hauling off any materials, saving you time and money. Plus, your soil will be aerated and replenished with natural minerals to aid in healthy new growth of native grasses. This is a great solution for rocky yards that can't be mowed, rocky ranch roads that are too bumpy to drive, pastures used for horse or livestock grazing, and new build site or road preparation.

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Working on all types of rocky terrain

You can have us crush rocks on small or large plots of land. We can work with:

  • Rocky lawns
  • Rocky pastures
  • Rocky ranch roads
Our machinery is capable of clearing 1.5 to 3 acres of land or around 1.5 miles of ranch roads per day.

Team up with us to start enjoying an even landscape.