Efficiently remove unwanted trees and vegetation the Eco-friendly way

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One popular land clearing method is forestry mulching. This method involves our team using a specialized machine to grind down standing trees and underbrush into mulch. The thin layer of mulch left behind will slowly decompose into the soil, leaving you with nutrient rich soil for native grasses to regrow. This thin layer of mulch left behind is also great for erosion control and moisture retention.

Have existing brush piles on your property that you can't or don't want to burn?
We can quickly mulch existing brush piles with our forestry Mulcher.

When compared to other clearing methods, forestry mulching:

  • Is eco-friendly and great for erosion control
  • Doesn't require haul off or burning
  • Has little to no ground disturbance
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Mix and match your clearing plan

When it comes to tree removal, different methods work best for different needs. For instance, if you plan to start building on your newly cleared land, a conventional removal service may work best. That's because there won't be any leftover debris in your way.

Meanwhile, a mulching service is great if you want to create nutrient-rich soil. Our team will work closely with you to figure out which combination of methods will fit your needs.

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